YEAR 6!!! MIDWEST CHEER ELITE COLUMBUS #MCERELOADED #J19T3 #MCE614 YEAR 5 & 5 teams qualified for THE 2020 Varsity Allstar Summit. Our worlds team Coed Couture earned their bid to The Cheerleading Worlds.

Recreational Tumble

         Summer 2020 Tumble Classes and Info                                                                 

MCE general tumble and cheer classes provide hands on training for athletes of all skill levels. From a beginner to an elite, we welcome you. Our classes are designed to teach appropriate skills with proper technique and safety. We also pride ourselves in working diligently to make your child learn but more importantly, to feel good about themselves and feel a sense of belonging. Below is a description of the classes that we offer on a regular basis. If you have questions about where your child would perform best we will be happy to assist you. Please note that we must have a minimum of 3 students in order to form a class.  

Once you find a class that suits your needs, please register at https://app.iclasspro.com/portal/midwestcolumbus Call our office at 740-936-5480 (M-Th 4pm-8pm, Sun 11am-9pm) or email us at midwestcolumbus@midwestcolumbus.com if you have any questions! 

Things to Know: 

*45 minute classes are $80 for an 8-week session 

*1 hour classes are $110 for an 8-week session 

* Gym clothing (shorts, t-shirts, leggings) No Jeans

* Bare feet 

*Classes are divided by age and skill 

  • There must be 3 students to keep the class on the calendar.